Everything you wanted to know about the coolest store in Pune, but were afraid to ask!

We are a brand with a difference….


Just your average, quirky, neighbourhood shop. You will find the most unexpected things here. If there’s something you want and can’t find, we either have it already or can arrange to get it for you!


We handle all types of parties, functions and ceremonies big or small(size doesn’t matter) Although we believe, the bigger the better!

There are many people who call and ask everything under the sun to be included in 1500/- and we have to very politely ask for another zero to be added at the end of the figure to meet their demands. People, please don’t do that. Be realistic, please, or don’t throw a party.

The idea is to be larger than life and throw a party that your friends and neighbours gossip about enviously. That doesn’t come cheap

We offer a wide variety of services :

  •     Venue Sourcing
  •     Entertainment (hosts, games, DJs, tattoo guy etc)
  •     Catering
  •     Gifting and return gifting (society and the kids 😉 demand it )
  •     Decoration
  •     Cakes baked to perfection
  •     Pleasure of our wise conversations and witty banter
  •     Can also clean up after your guests at an extra charge
  •     We are a little expensive we know, but what can we do? We are professionals.

Call us if you are having any of these



Office Parties

I’m so awesome Parties

Christmas Parties

Baby Showers

Naming Ceremonies

My father is rich party


New Year Parties


Diwali Parties

Fancy Dress(!) parties

Theme parties e.g Casino etc…

Super Sweet 16 party

(PS: Do not call us for rave parties … you already have all you need …)

Meet Us


She handles it all! Tell her what you need and she makes all the lovely arrangements and manages everything so that you have the perfect gift/event. She has got the magic to turn things around in a snap of her little finger.

Did you say you want to fly?

Yes, She believes anyone can — just ask her for some Pixie dust and you are all set!

Kusum Aunty

Rachana’s mom is the friendly face at the shop. She loves the dogs outside the shop and calls them her “babus”. So you dare not complain about them to her. 🙂 She is the every sweet aunty to all of us and the little pranksters who come in. She loves you more when you come in with your friends. 🙂


The smiling face in PPP, is still trying to figure things out! She arranges everything so that it makes life easy for you to pick what you want in the shop. However no matter how well she arranges everything, she then decides its time to re-arrange everything. 😉

So the order or call it chaos is all thanks to her!


All characters represented are purely non-fictional (we are stranger than fiction). Any resemblance to living people is not coincidental and fully intended.


Other Stuff

We at Pyjama Party, love all creatures alike, so we are actively involved in many causes. We support NGO’s and private individuals who have made it their life’s purpose to help the underprivileged. We look after all the stray animals in our area and also sterilize / neuter as many as we can. Apart from this we also start many of our own programs to help those less fortunate than us

If you want to help us or need us to help you, please call us and we will do all we can for you! It might not be a lot but will be heartfelt and genuine.

We urge everyone to take up a cause and do their bit. If time is a limitation, call us and ask about other ways to help. We have only one world ~ let’s save it!!